When the PVC is a film actor 

The Pacific Vapeur Club had the opportunity to be a film actor to well known French film-makers : Claude Chabrol, Claude Lelouch, Bertrand Tavernier.

If you are looking for a steam train running in the 20’s or 30’s, we are able to meet your request.


The first film we took part in was « Une affaire de femmes », which got the Golden Globe 1989, as the best foreign film.

The shooting lasted one day for the PVC in Dieppe railway station, exit of the tunnel.


The second proposal came from Claude Lelouch for his film « Les misérables » in 1995.

The shooting took place in the Pont-Audemer railway station and between Pont-Audemer and Honfleur.The locomotive, the wagon and the first class carriage were used with Jean-Paul Belmondo as main actor.The shooting lasted three days.

The locomotive is immortalized on the poster.


The third participation was with Bertrand Tavernier for a shooting in the Tours railway station in 2001. The carriages were used as film set in « Laisser-passer » presented in January 2002. The shooting lasted four days.


The Pacific Vapeur Club was also used in telefilms:

In 2003 « Momo » and « Le porteur de cartables » in  Paris, gare de l’Est, and television programmes : « Faut pas rêver » France 3, « Carte postale gourmande » France 5.


In 1994, the Pacific Vapeur Club was also requested by a British company for the telefilm « the Murderer of the Golf », detective novel by Agatha Christie. The shooting lasted two days in the Deauville railway station.


Period of the train use as commercial service:  



Second class carriage 1930/1980

Second class corridor and compartments.


Technical characteristics of a second class carriage

Type : OCEM, smooth surface

Total length : 22.950 metres

Total weight, empty : 47 tons

Number of seats : 80

number of compartments : 10


First class carriage 1929/1980

First class corridor and compartments 



Type OCEM, smooth surface

Total length : 23.263 metres

Total weight, empty : 47 tons

Number of seats : 48

number of compartments : 8


For the locomotive : years 1922 to 1968



For the whole train

 (5 second class carriages, one first class, a Post-office carriage, a luggage wagon, a B4D, a mixed carriage OCEM type Sud-Est and the locomotive) : from 1929 to 1968..

Technical characteristics of the whole train

Total length m :

Total weight, empty tons: 

with the locomotive and the tender

 215.468 m


without the locomotive and the tender

193.15 m


Maximum speed : 100 km/h

Average coal consumption per 100 km : 1.2 tons (according to the track profile)

Water consumption per 100 km : 10 m3 to 12 m3 (according to the profile).